• Enhances the student’s personal development for the Real World

  • Ensures that every student understands and relates to the Real World

  • Ensures every student is prepared to compete in the Real World

  • Prepares the student to lead in the Real World


Get Ready for the Real World!

The Scholars Academy is a four year developmental program for 13 -14 year old African-American males. While in the program over the next four years participants will be mentored by professional men; participate in monthly developmental courses; attend ongoing enrichment activities and sporting events; and will have the opportunity to meet and interact with community leaders from an array of careers and walks of life.

Download the informational brochure that outlines in greater detail the components of the program. You are encouraged to read each section to gain a greater understanding of the program. If you feel this program could meet your needs, you are encouraged to complete and submit the application on the right. Upon receipt of your application you will be notified as to next steps.

For questions regarding the program
and/or the application process send a detailed
email to:

Members willingness to share their time and talent is key to the success of this program. Don't miss out on this opportunity. 

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