The Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men is a regional organization of men, influencing and building better communities by encouraging, inspiring and enabling African American young people and adults to reach their highest potential. We have designed a series of aggressive programs to accomplish our mission, our vision and our values.

our vision

To be the premier organization
that transforms lives and communities.

our values

We value leadership, integrity, commitment,
passion and serving as role models.

Brother to Brother Camp

The 200+ Men Inc. initiated the Brother to Brother (B2B) Camp program in 2006. The program targets boys ages 13-14 from the region’s middle schools. The B2B Camp participants spend four days with The 200+ Men Inc. counselors at YMCA Camp Silver Beach, Jamesville, VA. They participate in various outdoor activities, “straight talk” sessions with prominent African American men, and travel to Baltimore, MD, to visit African American museums. More the 175 boys have been mentored in the B2B Camp since its inception.

Caravan to Richmond

The 200+ Men Caravan to Richmond is a civic education initiative that exposes African American teens to the legislative process. Young men from area high schools, with 200+ mentors and chaperones, take a day trip by bus to Richmond to visit state lawmakers and experience, first-hand, the inner workings of our representative democracy. They learn how bills become laws through a process that requires negotiation and compromise. The students and 200+ Men members are introduced in the Senate Chamber by an elected representative from Hampton Roads. The day concludes with a guided tour of the State Capitol.  

Scholars Breakfast

The 200+ Scholars Breakfast, the signature event of the Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men, honors African-American high school males who are graduating with a 3.0 or better GPA. Since the first 200+ Scholars Breakfast on May 16, 1998, some 6,572 African-American male scholars with a 3.0 or better grade point average and their parents/guardians have been honored by the Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men Inc. The Scholars Breakfast is fortunate to receive support from several colleges and universities within and outside Hampton Roads. Annually, some presidents or their representatives attend the breakfast and announce scholarships to some of the honorees. Since 1998, the honorees have received more than $13 million in scholarships from the Virginia colleges, universities and the Gates Foundation that partner with us on the breakfast.

George C. Crawley Scholarship

The George C. Crawley Scholarship is named in honor of our major founder and first president. Mr. Crawley headed the organization for many years, which was organized in March 1997 to work primarily in the areas of education, economic justice and community betterment. The competitive, one-time $1,000 scholarships are intended for 200+ Scholars (3.00 or better GPA) who are honored each year at our 200+ Scholars Breakfast. They are made directly to the student, contingent upon formal acceptance and enrollment at an institution of higher learning. The applicants are evaluated on the basis of financial need, academic performance, and community-school involvement.

Samuel DeWitt Proctor Forums

The 200+ Men Inc. established the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Forum Series to present noted speakers to the community. Speakers have included George C. Fraser, author of “Success Runs in our Race”; Congressman and civil rights pioneer John Lewis (“Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement”); and Thomas M. Shapiro, Brandeis University professor and author of “The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality.”

Scholars Academy

The Scholars Academy is a mentoring program developed by 200+ Men Inc. to help African American young men graduate from high school with the necessary skills to be productive citizens, prepared for higher education, professional training, or the work world. Students are assigned mentors from amongst The 200+ Men Inc. who provide guidance and support throughout their high school years. The program includes guest speakers, field trips and other activities, and students are afforded the opportunity to interact with successful role models in business, politics, public service and other walks of life.

The 200+ Green Book of Greater Hampton Roads

In the 1930s, a black postal carrier from Harlem named Victor Green published books that were survival and travel guides. The 200+ Men Inc.'s Green Book database is a tribute to that original Green Book. This new digital app will be an online database of Black, SWaM (Small, Women and Minority) and related Professionals and Businesses in the Greater Hampton Roads area.

Submit your professional details or business details for free here no later than December 28, 2021in time for our February 1, 2022 APP launch. For additional information contact Andy Baan or Jared Mays by emailing

Alice Lee Williams Sams Memorial Scholarship

The Alice Lee Williams Sams Memorial Scholarship is given by board member, Bruce Sams. The scholarship honors his mother who believed in the value of higher education. The $1,000 scholarship is given yearly to an African American male high school graduate who plans to attend Norfolk State University. The student must have at least a 3.2 grade point average and show a need based as well as extracurricular community involvement. The award will be given upon proof of acceptance at Norfolk State University. 

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